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Need some support?
Asking for help is one of the bravest things you can do.
We have linked some resources below that you might find helpful x

Which link?ASC = For a variety of issues. In particular, information for LGBTQ+ students including your welfare & wellbeing.YUSU LGBTQ+ Officers and C&W Sabb = You can contact them for support with various issues.The LGBTQ+ Network = Exists to support students by creating a safe space to meet and socialise with other students, as well as campaigning for issues that matter to students.Student Hub = you can access support from the University! There are Student Advisors working with the Student Hub, who can support you with university-specific issues, such as having your preferred pronouns on university documentation.Open Door = Practitioners can offer psychological and mental health support. They can provide either crisis support or more long term support depending on your need.Postgraduate students can also contact the GSA advice service for confidential and independent support and guidance:

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